The solar sector is in good hands with us!

Picture for yourself in which sectors we have successfully assisted our customers thanks to our commitment and our expertise!

Technology Consultation Germany

Technology consultation for a leading European deliverer of the automobile industry with around 5,000 employees, including development, management and coordination of a comprehensive test program for a new photovoltaic technology, establishment of an R&D network, qualification and certification of the solar modules.

Project Management Europe

Product management at a leading European supplier of highly efficient solar modules with around 2,000 employees, including project management and coordination of the project team at several locations and in different company areas.

Interim Management Germany

Interim management at a European manufacturer of production plants with around 700 employees, including assistance as Chief Technology Officer for the launch of a new thin-film technology, coordination of development work, set-up of an R&D network, investor reporting, project planning, investment proposals.


Development and Realisation of multiple solar parks in Germany and abroad ranging from 7 kW roof top systems up to 20 MW free field power plant. Focus currently on the segment from 300 kW up to 750 kW rooftop and free-field plant in Germany.

Audits and Technical Assessment Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Italy & Latin America

Yield assessments and error analyses for leading European insurance companies and system integrators at different solar parks (up to 48 MW) in Germany, South and Eastern Europe, including verification of system design and plant yield on the basis of climate data and simulation results.

Further References

  • Training seminars and workshops for banks and investors in the sector of solar energy with a focus on new technologies, quality, legal issues and finances.
  • Publications in photovoltaic magazines.
  • Lectures at congresses.